God help us.

I spent today reading the healthcare mandate, known as Obama care. I wonder how many other people actually sat down and tried to understand what the liberal progressives are celebrating. We will not have free health care people, we will, instead become slaves to the process. I suspect most of you have never lived under any medical program other than the one we have here in the US. I have, both communist and socialist. Goverment run medical programs are run for the benefit of the government, not the people. I have several points I would like to make:

1. Do you know who pays for this Obamanation? We do, the middle class tax payers. As in Europe, it is the working people who will pay for everyone else, except, of course of the very wealthy. They can afford private healthcare and insurance. Everyone else becomes the responsibility of the working men and women of the country.
2. Do you understand who will be in charge of your medical decisions? The IRS. Yes, the people who come around every year and take a good portion of your income, and look for ways to hang on to it so the government can spend it on things like failed green jobs. The IRS, the penny pinchers, pencil pushing, money collectors for the biggiest scam artist in the world, who don’t know a mammogram from penile implant, or birth control from male inhancement drugs. People, who, in short, have no medical training, no understanding of complex medical procedures, and absolutly doesn’t care about preserving life. It all comes to the bottom line – How much does it cost, and is the person worth it?
3. Those people with dibilitating medical issues, disabilities, mental issues, or catastrophic illnesses will go to the back of the line, if they are even considered at all. Those who are old, and those who are born ill, will be treated as little as possible, in hopes they might die and be struck off the list. It is the most vulnerable who will suffer most.
4. Those who need medication to stay alive, had best stock up if you can. Medicine is already becoming scarce with all the government mandates required to get them ready for those who need them. The government will be in charge of who gets what, and how much they get. Nothing personal, it just isn’t financially feasable to keep giving medicine to those who are chronically ill – after all, they will all die anyway. New drugs will take longer, and fewer will ever be developed because all medication will be under the IRS control.
5. As in the UK, the elderly will be cared for, as long as they are able to take care of themselves. God help them if they end up in hospital. They will be put on the slow death list, just like the one they have in England.
6. Don’t expect to have a hospital with all the newest scientific machines. Every MRI, CAT scan, X-ray, and blood test will be decided by the IRS as to whether it is worthwhile or not. Pregnant women can forget about having anything as modern as an epidural while in labor, because it will too cost prohibitive and you can go back to using a gas/oxygen mix like they use abroad while in labor. There will be higher mortality rates for babies and mothers, because something as expensive as a c-section will be denied until there is no other choice. No planning your birth ahead of time. It will be like stepping back into the 1970’s, and you will get to labor until they have to do one to save you or the baby – if they can.
7. Don’t expect to be able to choose your own doctors. Especially specialists. In government run medical programs that we have lived under, we were assigned to a general practioner who generally didn’t give a rap about his or her patients. Why bother, after all, their salary is going to be the same (a pitance) and they know you can’t just up and go elsewhere. No free market in choice now. And if you need a specialist, get in line. And plan to be there for a VERY long time. You will be notified when and if you can have a procedure you probably need to stay alive and/or productive. But, if you get too sick, you can just go on welfare like everyone else.
8. Plan on the government controling your food choices and your exercise programs. If you are overweight so much as a pound, be aware you will be socially and medically outcast. After all, the IRS will buy into the whole idea that everything can be cured by weight loss. (Except anorexia, and that may not qualify as a medical issue, but as a mental one, and those will be ignored.)
9. If you have children, pray they are healthy, because those that are not will not be treated as if they are viable human beings. If they bother to do a scan while you are expecting, be prepared to be “encouraged” to abort any child that is not perfect. The IRS will, like the NHS in England and New Zealand, will balance the cost of raising and caring for a chronically ill, mental disable, or physically disabled child against his or her productivity as an adult. Most of them will be found unacceptable. Hence, abortion, a short life, and denial of procedures that would keep the child alive. No chance of trail medications, not a chance of sending the child someplace else for help, unless, of course you are wealthy, or run bake sales to earn the money.
10. We will go from the most modern, best medical care in the world, to mediocraty and penny pinching, non growth medical care, no better than most second/third world countries. For good medical care, plan on moving to Singapore, Taiwan, Panama, or the Philippeans. You sure as hell won’t get it here in the US any longer.
11. Make your funeral plans if you are over 55. If you are unproductive, a burden on the “system” cost too much in medical care and medication, then you will be shoved to the back of the line in hopes that you will up and die soon. Those with heart disease, diabetes, kidney issues, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and all the general things that come with old age, like arthritis, will be expected to just get on with dieing – the sooner the better. Medications will not be top notch, newest and best. You will take what they give you and be happy for it.
12. I suggest you all sit down and read the entire, massive and confusing, Obamacare plan. Read it very carefully, with one thing in mind: “Do I want my children, grandchildren, family members, friends, or myself to have my healthcare overseen by a government branch that was designed to collect taxes?” Well do you?