What A Day

Woke up this morning to see the Mr. off to work. Then my life turned to a squirrel rodeo. Boocat brought in a young squirrel he caught. He dropped it at my feet, and it was still alive. I took it away from him. Boocat got yelled at, while Cadeau, the dog, was trying to get close enough to smell of the critter. As usual, Jammer just ignored all of us and ate his breakfast like a good kitty. While Boocat was distracted, he ate Boo’s breakfast as well. This led to a later hissing match.

I checked the squirrel over and once it recovered from its shock, I let it go behind the back fence. He was up and gone in seconds. Bet he won’t come back to our yard. It is now 7:36 A.M, and I am ready for a nap.

Haven’t had this much excitement since yesterday when a small toad found its way into the house and all three animals decided it looked like a good snack. I was able to rescue it too, and it now lives in the front flower beds. I need a vacation, soon.

House Cat


Back legs on tip toe, anticipating the next stroke,

The tip of her tail flicking contempt at the dog,

Eyes half closed in contemplation,

As she lies in the letter box on my desk.

Impatient yowls for attention,

Boneless and relaxed in the terrace sunshine,

Purr of content and persuasion,

Curled in a ball on my bed.

She is cat of the house,

Owner of canine and humans,

Queen of her domain and hall,

Graciously gracing our lives.

KJ Combs 14/01/06