You Can’t Have It Both Ways.

Everyone is yammering on about how an 18 year old shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.
They can go to war and protect your country, but not own a gun.
They can vote but they can’t buy a gun.
They can drive a car but they can’t own a gun.
They can marry and divorce, but can’t own a gun.
They can pay bills and make money, but they can’t own a gun.
They can buy pot, tobacco products and beer in some states, but can’t own a gun.
They can be fathers, but they can’t own a gun.
They can run a business, work in dangerous jobs, but they can’t own a gun.
They can save a life, but they can’t own a gun.
They can provide for an entire family, but they can’t own a gun.
They are considered adults, but they can;t own a gun.

Okay. You want them to remain children. So no more military, no more voting, no more marriage or divorce without parental consent, no more driving cars, no more smokes or booze, no more pot either, no more responsibility for being a daddy, no more working, no more being a man. Nope. They must remain children under the care of the uncaring government.

The leftists can’t have it both ways. Either they are adults, with all the rights of an adult, or they are children. What we need are police and federal officials who are willing to do their damned jobs. Most departments say that they “protect and serve” the people. Bull. Not in Florida. There they run away and serve themselves. That young man was sick, for a long time. No one did their job, had they done so, 17 people would be alive. Unless, of course, he blew them up or ran them down with a car. If someone is determined to kill, they will find a way.

I Am Take A Side

I find it deeply disturbing that everyone wants to start screaming hatred at each other when discussing this horrific act of violence against innocent human beings. It becomes political from the moment it happens, and it just keeps getting more and more vicious as everyone takes a side.
Well, I am taking a side.
I am taking the side of the parents who will bury a child, be it one of the students, or their son or daughter who was a teacher.
I am taking the side of the community that will now bury 17 of their neighbors.
I am taking the side of the first responders, police officers, and adults who had to face the horror inside the school in the aftermath of the shootings, who will face the nightmares that will come from those hours.
I am taking the side of the students who lost friends, and who will have to go back to school and remember the fear.
I am taking the side of the mothers who will mourn for the rest of their lives.
I am taking the side of the fathers who will forever feel as if they didn’t protect their lost child.
I am taking the side of the victims, each one whose life was cut off without warning, though no fault of their own.
I am taking a side that condemns the media, pundits, and hate filled rhetoric of the people who think their opinion about guns is more important that taking time to pray for, with, and about the deep sorrow of the families of those who died.
I am taking a side. It isn’t about us, it is about them. I hope you will join me.

Already? Really?

1. Jimmy Kimmil is NOT a police officer, nor is he a politician or law maker. He is NOT my conscience, I can do that all on my own. So why would anyone bother to listen to a late night host of a boring TV show? What is he to you lot, the second coming of the Savior? Not to mention, okay I will mention, that he has a hate America agenda led by his ignorance of both history and law and his sick adoration of the Clinton cow and her cronies.

2. It sure as hell didn’t take long for politicos who hate President Trump to start screaming about gun laws. Why? Because they will never let a good disaster go to waste so they can further their agenda. How about we take time to mourn and give the families a chance to mourn before you all make their loved one’s death a political football?

3. I will never give up my guns, tazer, or any other form of protection. I am highly trained with a great deal of ability when it comes to guns. I won’t miss anyone who tries to hurt me or mine, I won’t travel into a city, or on long trips without a form of protection and you won’t get that law changed no matter what you think. There are more of us who want that freedom of protection than those who want to enslave us within a wall of hate. Besides, there are other ways to commit murder. Anything can be a weapon, from your elbow to the nearest large, heavy object. Get real people.

4. WE DON’T KNOW why the successful, very wealthy, guy decided to kill people. He wasn’t crazy, crazy folks wouldn’t plan so carefully. So back off the bullshit and give the authorities time to figure out the truth. Until then, it is only gossip and speculation on why and what happened.

5. The LAWS of the states where he bought the guns cleared him to buy them. So forcing a change on the federal level won’t change a thing, except make it very profitable for gun runners and criminals to buy and sell weapons.

6. If he didn’t have guns, he had a plan B according to what was found in the houses, he was going to blow people up instead. So stop blaming guns, and start letting the cops do their job before becoming all holier than thou and political about something so painful and horrific.

Armchair politico PAOL people drive me nuts! Where the hell did you ability to be logical go, up in smoke? PAOL means perpetually aggrieved and offended liberals.

Demi-gods and Freedom

I believe that everyone has the right to all the freedoms of the land. Because I am an American, I hold those freedoms in great honor. We are a nation built on independent men and women who braved the world and stood fast in their determination to be free in thought, religion, speech, and to do what they must to be happy. To always be forced to put society before one’s family, one’s God, and one’s independence is an abomination to most Americans. Society works because there are laws and checks and balances between the members of that society. It has nothing to do with allowing a government to force the mental enslavement of a people just because whomever is in power thinks they have the right to force others to bend to their will. Therein lies the demi-gods. It is when people are free to choose, to think for themselves, that they are at their best.

Take a look at the so called Dear Leader of North Korea. His country is supposed to be first, but he has turned into an evil tyrant because there are NO checks and balances on his behavior. He is a true sociopath whose evil knows no bounds. Were his people free to refuse to obey him, he would have long since been executed for the killer that he is. It is not all that different from what Hitler did to Germany, only his victims were Jews, Catholic Priests and nuns, homosexuals, gypsy, and anyone that he felt was sub-human. Negating the individual in favor of the society always leaves the leader of that society free to do what ever he or she wishes. All their personal hatred for a person or persons can be indulged in the most inhumane way possible. And of course, those in power will do their best to stay in power in order to control their world.

Without freedom, people have nothing but slavery to the system. Socialism, Communism, Dictatorships, all remove the individual from the formula that creates a robust society. In time, the people give up, stop trying, stop thinking for themselves, and simply plod along through life without hope of a better future. At the expense of independent freedoms, no one will ever be able to become more than what their society allows. That is why so many countries without freedom become third world countries in a few generations. Look at Cuba, and even Russia. (Russian people outside of the larger cities, and even within many of them live third world lives.) Those in power have all the money and riches, not the people. And people certainly don’t have the freedom to find a way to make more or do more unless they do it illegally.

Growth in humanity and their society happens when the individual takes the future into his or her own hands and makes something more from it. Scientist, medicine, flight, inventions, all sorts of new and impressive life saving inventions, including transportation and roads, have happened because people were free to imagine, dream, and then create what comes from that ability to dream. It is the independent individual businessman who comes up with a new idea or way to do something and then makes it available to the entire world that becomes wealthy, not the leaders or government in charge who hordes the inventions and ideas of the people and keep them for the elite or government – or even sell them at a profit and keep the money for themselves.

Because the United States is built on a unique platform of a republic, and because our country was founded by religious fanatics, criminals, and those desperate for a new start, or at least a chance at success, we have a mix of robust, determined, hard headed people who are drenched in common sense, and a dedication to individuality. It is the elite of the decidedly liberal progressive academia who want to “fundamentally change” that which is sacred to the American people. Steeped in self loathing clothed in the rhetoric of high minded tripe, they seek to tear down that which they cannot understand. It is they who must be the leaders, because they know best. It is they who must have and keep the wealth, because the sub-humans around them simply do not have the ability to understand what is best for them. All people, no matter who or what they are, happen to fall beneath their sanctimonious and bitter idea of leadership. In short, they want us to be China, Russia, or North Korea instead of the great country we were, we are, and will be.

I can pretty much guarantee another civil war if the progressive liberals keep pressing to change our fundamental and sacred rights as citizens of the United States of America. Progressive Leftists like Hilary Clinton and her ilk, have, indeed awakened a sleeping giant. Other than the elite academia, the actors from Hollywood, and those under their thrall, most of us in this country still believe and stand firm in the Constitution of the United States of America, and always will.

God help us.

I spent today reading the healthcare mandate, known as Obama care. I wonder how many other people actually sat down and tried to understand what the liberal progressives are celebrating. We will not have free health care people, we will, instead become slaves to the process. I suspect most of you have never lived under any medical program other than the one we have here in the US. I have, both communist and socialist. Goverment run medical programs are run for the benefit of the government, not the people. I have several points I would like to make:

1. Do you know who pays for this Obamanation? We do, the middle class tax payers. As in Europe, it is the working people who will pay for everyone else, except, of course of the very wealthy. They can afford private healthcare and insurance. Everyone else becomes the responsibility of the working men and women of the country.
2. Do you understand who will be in charge of your medical decisions? The IRS. Yes, the people who come around every year and take a good portion of your income, and look for ways to hang on to it so the government can spend it on things like failed green jobs. The IRS, the penny pinchers, pencil pushing, money collectors for the biggiest scam artist in the world, who don’t know a mammogram from penile implant, or birth control from male inhancement drugs. People, who, in short, have no medical training, no understanding of complex medical procedures, and absolutly doesn’t care about preserving life. It all comes to the bottom line – How much does it cost, and is the person worth it?
3. Those people with dibilitating medical issues, disabilities, mental issues, or catastrophic illnesses will go to the back of the line, if they are even considered at all. Those who are old, and those who are born ill, will be treated as little as possible, in hopes they might die and be struck off the list. It is the most vulnerable who will suffer most.
4. Those who need medication to stay alive, had best stock up if you can. Medicine is already becoming scarce with all the government mandates required to get them ready for those who need them. The government will be in charge of who gets what, and how much they get. Nothing personal, it just isn’t financially feasable to keep giving medicine to those who are chronically ill – after all, they will all die anyway. New drugs will take longer, and fewer will ever be developed because all medication will be under the IRS control.
5. As in the UK, the elderly will be cared for, as long as they are able to take care of themselves. God help them if they end up in hospital. They will be put on the slow death list, just like the one they have in England.
6. Don’t expect to have a hospital with all the newest scientific machines. Every MRI, CAT scan, X-ray, and blood test will be decided by the IRS as to whether it is worthwhile or not. Pregnant women can forget about having anything as modern as an epidural while in labor, because it will too cost prohibitive and you can go back to using a gas/oxygen mix like they use abroad while in labor. There will be higher mortality rates for babies and mothers, because something as expensive as a c-section will be denied until there is no other choice. No planning your birth ahead of time. It will be like stepping back into the 1970’s, and you will get to labor until they have to do one to save you or the baby – if they can.
7. Don’t expect to be able to choose your own doctors. Especially specialists. In government run medical programs that we have lived under, we were assigned to a general practioner who generally didn’t give a rap about his or her patients. Why bother, after all, their salary is going to be the same (a pitance) and they know you can’t just up and go elsewhere. No free market in choice now. And if you need a specialist, get in line. And plan to be there for a VERY long time. You will be notified when and if you can have a procedure you probably need to stay alive and/or productive. But, if you get too sick, you can just go on welfare like everyone else.
8. Plan on the government controling your food choices and your exercise programs. If you are overweight so much as a pound, be aware you will be socially and medically outcast. After all, the IRS will buy into the whole idea that everything can be cured by weight loss. (Except anorexia, and that may not qualify as a medical issue, but as a mental one, and those will be ignored.)
9. If you have children, pray they are healthy, because those that are not will not be treated as if they are viable human beings. If they bother to do a scan while you are expecting, be prepared to be “encouraged” to abort any child that is not perfect. The IRS will, like the NHS in England and New Zealand, will balance the cost of raising and caring for a chronically ill, mental disable, or physically disabled child against his or her productivity as an adult. Most of them will be found unacceptable. Hence, abortion, a short life, and denial of procedures that would keep the child alive. No chance of trail medications, not a chance of sending the child someplace else for help, unless, of course you are wealthy, or run bake sales to earn the money.
10. We will go from the most modern, best medical care in the world, to mediocraty and penny pinching, non growth medical care, no better than most second/third world countries. For good medical care, plan on moving to Singapore, Taiwan, Panama, or the Philippeans. You sure as hell won’t get it here in the US any longer.
11. Make your funeral plans if you are over 55. If you are unproductive, a burden on the “system” cost too much in medical care and medication, then you will be shoved to the back of the line in hopes that you will up and die soon. Those with heart disease, diabetes, kidney issues, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and all the general things that come with old age, like arthritis, will be expected to just get on with dieing – the sooner the better. Medications will not be top notch, newest and best. You will take what they give you and be happy for it.
12. I suggest you all sit down and read the entire, massive and confusing, Obamacare plan. Read it very carefully, with one thing in mind: “Do I want my children, grandchildren, family members, friends, or myself to have my healthcare overseen by a government branch that was designed to collect taxes?” Well do you?