January 2013 Letter to the Senators.


I sincerely hope that you are not going to accept the raise that the moron in the White House is planning on giving you as a pay off to support his asinine tax and spend programs. Because, like it or not, to the people in Mississippi and other states who are struggling just to pay the electric bill, you getting a raise, and accepting it, makes you a RINO in collusion with the man who would be king of the United States.

If you feel you have no choice but to accept the bribe money, I suggest you very publicly take that extra funding and give it to charity to help those who will no longer be able to afford milk for their children. After all, the Congress just jumped off the Tax and Spend fiscal cliff. However, you have a golden parachute, while the rest of us have to hope and pray that we don’t die on the way down or when we hit bottom.

I am sickened by the entire Congress and your desire to rake in even more of our funds through taxing everything from birth to death and in between. It is obvious to me that those of you who have been in Washington D. C. the longest have become the least understanding and greediest of all the law makers. You are, unfortunately, more concerned with scraping in all the money and back room pay offs you can get your hands on than really helping the American people.

I so long for a leader for the people who will stand up to the old boys club and bullies on the left. Most of the American people, barring the welfare queens and their progeny and the inept leftists in big cities, do NOT WANT MORE TAXES levied on them for any reason. We pay enough. What you and all the rest of the law makers and thieves up in D. C. need to do is STOP SPENDING like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Enough, ENOUGH! Stop spending us into oblivion. I am sure Mississippi can live without one more federal program to drag us even further from the standards on which this country was founded. In fact, most people in the country would much rather have little to NO federal interference with their lives.

Last, but not least, I am sure that you may have heard, or at least should have heard, that American people are buying guns and ammunition as fast as they can be placed on store shelves. Two reasons.

1. We do not trust the Federal Government because those who run it want to take away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, we are buying now, and stocking up now because we will need protection from tyranny.
2. We know that if things don’t change, and the law makers and thieves in D. C. keep on doing the same old stupid things they have always done, there will be a civil war. This is a country founded on STATES RIGHTS. So most of America wants the federal government to stay OUT of our lives.

Therefore, Senator, it is time for you to man up, stand up, and speak up against the very tyranny that is set to tear our country apart. The moron in the White House is just the figure head to a much deeper confederation to destroy our country. Are you going to stop them, join them, or run and hide from them?

Karron Combs
Nesbit, MS

One thought on “January 2013 Letter to the Senators.

  1. I agree with much of what you said.
    The agreement that the Senate passed is a joke. There is not one element of deficit reduction. It’s only about raising taxes. It’s pathetic.

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