Weary, Worried, Wary and Willing.



Weary, Worried, Wary and Willing.

I am weary, tired to the bone weary with the political disgrace of our so called elected leaders for our country. I am weary of constantly battling against the unmitigated crimes that are perpetrated by those who are supposed to be protecting our rights. I am weary of dealing with the repercussions of a supercilious, narcissistic, unbearably arrogant man who thinks he should be king of the United States of America. I am weary of trying to protect that which are my God given rights via our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am weary of the constant, never ending, self congratulatory braggadocio of the people who would turn America into a third world country that is enslaved to the government through the unrelenting pressure on everyone to give in, sit down, shut up, and let Big Daddy take care of us. I am weary from fighting the good fight, hanging on by a sliver of hope and dauntless resolve, to stand up, speak up, and do what is right for myself, my family, and my nation.

I am worried. Very worried, down to my toes, can’t sleep at night worried about the future of my world as I know it. I am worried that the inane, insane, indulgent expenditure of the tax dollars forced from our hands will continue to hemorrhage and regurgitate into the hands of the illicit and nefarious characters behind the man who would be king. I am worried that the corrupt government will continue to pillage and plunder our heritage until all truth and history of the great republic will fade and become little more than an experimental footnote in the far reaches of our progeny. I am worried that the greatest document in the story of man kind, The Constitution of the United States of America, will be culled by those who have contempt for the words and meanings therein, leaving the citizens with little more than an illusion of what the forefathers scribed. I am worried, that stealing away our constitutional rights, one minuscule bit at a time, will numb the majority of Americans to simply ignore the more insidious evil of proletarian dictatorship that awaits us at the other side of the cavernous maw of so called progressive liberalism.

I am wary, very wary, down to my deepest level of caution wary, of the way in which the progressive liberals have begun to use dubious language to present their doctrine in ways that will sound logical, but are, instead, quite radical. I am wary of the constant race baiting and the use of implied guilt to divide the people of this country, and in doing so, stalking and defeating our personal rights of speech, liberty, religion, and law. I am wary of those who would use fraudulent procedures designed to force those who differ in opinion and thought to violent hostility toward one another. I am wary, deeply wary, of the politicians who were elected to represent the wishes of the people they serve. No matter how determined their verbiage sounds, it is frequently the unsaid that influences their back room deals and constantly starving pocketbooks.

Having said all of that, I am also tenaciously willing to stand in the face of my enemies to protect and overcome the persuasion and persecution of those who would take that which my forefathers have fought for in every war since the American Revolution. Those who fought the tyranny of the government from whence they came, those who stood shoulder to shoulder to overcome poverty, sorrow, and loss, those who prayed, sweat, and cried as they pulled themselves up from the lowest level to the highest gave us FREEDOM. I am willing to stand with you, with every American Citizen who wants to keep that freedom from the tyrants who are waiting, like circling buzzards, to pick our Constitution and freedom from the bones of our great nation. I am willing, no matter how weary, worried, or wary I may be, to boldly declare my determination to overcome the negative and guilt ridden brainwashing of the progressive left and remain free of their new form of slavery and humiliation. I am an American Citizen with all the rights and freedoms therein. Who wants to join me in the revolution to take back our world?

One thought on “Weary, Worried, Wary and Willing.

  1. I was so into the past election cycle and ultimately so dissapointed with the results. I am finding it hard to get as interested when all I seem to feel is frustration. There is little I agree with when it comes to this administration.

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