Why Is It – second additon

Why is it that patients are required to cancel appointments 24 hours in advance, but the doctor doesn’t have to show up until 45 minutes past the first appointment?



Why is it that the phone will always ring when you are in the middle of changing a diaper?



Why is it the dogs will go berserk when the UPS truck turns up, but ignores the kids walking across the yard?



Why is it that every time you sit down to eat, you think of a dozen things you forgot to do first?



Why is it that the check out lanes at a store can be empty when you come in, but when you get ready to leave, the all have lines ten people deep?



Why is it that the day you are in a huge hurry, you get behind the one person in the store who has a coupon for every single item in her trolley, and she has to have the amount checked on most of them>



Why is it that the very day you decide to water the lawn, it rains after you have put the sprinkler away?



Why is it that mowing the yard always makes it rain?



Why is it that clearing up stuff always leads to more stuff finding its way out onto the nearest flat surface?



Why is it the day your house is at its worse, someone always turns up without calling first?



Why is it that the best part of the book comes along right when you need to turn off the light and go to sleep?



Why is it that the one thing you need the most is never where you left it?



Why is it that the empty street becomes full of cars the minute you turn on it?



Why is it there is always one person too busy talking on the phone to drive at a reasonable rate of speed, not ten miles an hour under the posted limit?



Why is it that every time you sit down to relax for a few minutes, you get interrupted, or you wake up and it is three hours later?



Why is it that the one food you should never eat looks and smells so darned delicious?



Why is it the dog will walk right under your feet and then be offended when you trip over him?



Why is it the cat cannot pass up anything resembling a box without trying to nap in it?



Why is it when you need sleep the most, you simply cannot find it?


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