Kiss My Grits, GOP

paki's_flag_bearI received THIS in my email today:


I hate to bug you — but our records show you haven’t made a donation to the RNC.

Can you chip in $5 today?

There is a first time for everything.

Right now is the perfect time to make your first donation. A group of donors has recognized how critical these next few weeks are for the 2014 elections and has agreed to match every dollar you donate. So today, your $5 donation will count as $10 on our records.

Chip in $5 and double your impact today.


My Reply:

There is absolutely no argument you can give me that will ever cause me to donate to the Republican party again. I was on the fence about being a Tea Party Independent voter because I have always voted as a Republican. After the dirty tricks and downright voter fraud that Thad Cockerun committed when the Republicans in Mississippi voted the RINO out of office, I have no desire to be attached to an organization as crooked as the Republican party. Oh, I will keep my registration, mainly so I can vote out any incumbent who is as dirty as that old lizard. Thad should have retired ages ago, but he is hooked on the power, privileges, and money that he has accrued over the past 50 years. He has long since forgotten he is a PUBLIC SERVANT to the people who put him in office in the first place. Instead, he has become the Plantation Overseer, whipping the slaves into doing what he wants, even if the plantation owners, AKA the voters, are unwilling to support his behavior any longer.

He will still lose in November, because I can guarantee that every single democrat who voted for him (multiple times) in the Primary Run-Off will vote for the Democratic contender. All his machinations, lies, and promises to them make him no more than their yes man. He will have to jump when they say, and do as they want, even if he did somehow cheat his way back into office. So, I am going to write in the name of Chris McDaniel, like almost every other person who voted for him in the Primary. He WON the primary, and he won the run-off, via the Republican and Independent voters. The only what that creepy, moronic, lizard won was because he lied, cheated, and sold his soul to the evil that is the democratic (Socialist/Communist) party of the United States. If I couldn’t write in McDaniel’s name, I would rather vote for a democrat than someone as rotten as Thad. At least he would be a known enemy and not stab voters in the back like The Lizard Overseer did.

And you know what disgusts me the most? YOU LET HIM DO IT! In fact, he had to have your blessing in the GOP, or it would never have been sanctioned. Are you really so afraid of the pot head in chief and his minion, dope smoking, terrorist chums? Disgusting. Just down right disgusting. Take my name off your list, do not email or contact me again in ANY way, because I am now a Tea Party Independent – even if I do keep my affiliation with your crooked, lying, anti-American, Anti-Constitution party. Like I said, I am only doing so, because I want to vote out every single rotten career politician in what USED to be a party that believed in, and supported, the constitution as I do. And you have the unmitigated arrogance a for money to support a criminal. Words I want to use are the ones that would get my mouth washed out with soap, so I will simply say, “No, I will NOT send you five dollars. Your buddy Thad, and the GOP, can rot in hell for all I care. Go away. Leave me alone.

Karron Combs

Yeah, I am totally ticked off at the GOP. Independent leaning toward Libertarian is now my affiliation. Feeling very betrayed, and angry.

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