Words and Phrases Banned By Hilary Clinton

Remember when Hilary came out with a list of words and phrases we were not allowed to connect to her name? Here is a refresher for you in case you’ve forgotten:
Will do anything to win
Represents the past
Out of touch

Well now we know why she banned those words and phrases. Think about it.

She polarizes everyone from politicians in her own party to women who are pro life and abortion fans.

Calculating: She is always thinking what is in the game for her. Always trying to find a way to spin her story to fit her preferences. Even if it means lying and committing treason.

She can’t stand people whom she sees as beneath her, every time she smiles I think – disingenuous. That means she lies people. She LIES.

I have seen rattle snakes who show more sincerity than that cow. Everything about her is a fake and it is clear that she sure doesn’t like the rest of us peons.

Ambitious – well, duh.

Entitled, of course she thinks she is entitled to the presidency and anything else she wants. It is HER turn, don’t you know.

Overconfident, of course she is. I can’t wait to she her nose dive even further in the poles.

Secretive – no kidding. Can we say private server with top secret stuff on it?

Will do anything to win, should be her campaign motto. She is one greedy female dog, and thinks everyone should just give her what she wants, because, well, she is Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Oh is she ever out of touch. She is still seeing herself as part of the Arkansas Mafia from back when Billy boy was entertaining his drug dealers and such at the government mansion.

Represents the past, we already had a Clinton in office, he was a slavering dog toward women wrapped up in fake southern charm and a goofy accent.

We don’t need to move backward, we need to move forward and she has already missed the bus, let alone getting on Air Force One.

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