Oh Brother…

There is a vast difference between stating my opinion and offering advice, telling someone what to do, or how to think. However, apparently from the attempted dressing down I got from someone on social media, they are exactly the same thing. Unless, of course, I agree with everything he says and march in lock step with all others to his commands and demands. In short, I have no right to an opinion, and I have no right to express anything differently than what he says. He would be a great socialist/communist comrade for the snowflake agenda. Devoted to everyone being exactly the same, but only if people like him are there to tell everyone what to think. I suggested he move to Russia or China, or better yet to go educate those in the Middle East or African countries who live under violent rule. He wasn’t amused. How can these people walk and talk at the same time without coming to physical harm? Have they ever read the Constitution and the reasons why America separated herself from England?

Today they scream oppression or racism at every turn. They haven’t a clue what oppression means. They have never suffered the likes in the USA. Young, semi educated, well fed, healthy snowflakes think they are being oppressed if their latte isn’t perfect or cell phone coverage is spotty. They get offended just hearing any adult tell them they can’t do or have something they want. They have no idea how to wait and plan for something instead of having a hissy fit if they don’t get it immediately. But they still feel offended, unappreciated, and furious at the world when told to wait their turn. They DEMAND respect, and they DEMAND they be first in all things.

I will appreciate you if you do something worth appreciating. I will think highly of you once you stop putting yourself before everyone and everything else. I will want to have a conversation with you when you stop swearing and yelling at me when I state my opinion. I will respect you when you learn to respect others who have lived through a life of ups and downs, raised kids, adapted and over came all sorts of difficulties. I will listen to you when you are willing to listen to me. We can disagree and still cohabit this earth. You are not the be all, end all of this world. Only in your mind are you that important.

I am an old woman, I have seen your behavior many times before. People like you either grow up, get a career, or job, that pays the bills. Take some hard knocks, and learn how to get along with all sorts of people, or they end up being 40, 50, 60+ immature whiners who live off others and encourage young mush brained brats like you to grow up to be just like them. Because who else are they going to feel superior to? The only exception are the spoiled rich kids, politicians, and performers who actually think their opinions are prophecy to the idiots of the world.

So, my former friend, I will tell you the same thing I told my boys when they were about fourteen (Your approximate mental age), “Grow the hell up, son, and get over your damned self. You aren’t that important to the world. I love you, I will always love you, but I am not your nursemaid or servant.” Yes, it ticked them off too. They got over it. You, however, have left it a bit late.


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